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Semantic Interoperability SEMIC (9KM) 2015 Conference:

  • National Library of latvia in Riga
  • 05 may 2015
  • 08:30

Acercar la Gestión de la Información Empresarial y la Gestión del Portafolio de Servicios a la administración pública.

On 5 may, the ISA programme (Opens in new window) the European Commission is organizing its fifth conference on semantic interoperability for e-government, this year along with the presidency of latvia, in the national library of latvia in Riga. last year's conference (Opens in new window) attracted around 200 participants from over 30 countries.

Nuevas tendencias en la administración pública, como "digitales por defecto" y el principio de "una sola vez", requieren que las organizaciones públicas rediseñen la forma de gestionar la información, especialmente en el contexto de la prestación de servicios públicos. "Digital por defecto" es el enfoque de poner el canal en línea como primera vía de acceso a la prestación de servicios públicos. El principio de "una sola vez" implica la eliminación de las cargas administrativas innecesarias que obligan a los ciudadanos a proporcionar la misma información más de una vez al gobierno.

2015 Will explore how SEMIC (9KM) the enterprise information management and management of the Portfolio of services can help the public administration to improve its modus operandi, reduce costs and improve public services through the transformation digital. Although these practices were common in the private sector, it notes that the adoption in public administrations was still quite low.

The enterprise information management principles and practices introduced for the management of information of an organization in a correlated, contextual and encompasses the entire company. In this context, certain types of data become very important:

  • Master data : the data used for different applications and systems throughout the company. Governments master data stored in what's called "primary records". Access to primary records should enable the public administrations have access to a single "" source of truth.
  • Key vocabularies (also known as Core data models): the data model used to represent master data.
  • Baseline data : lists of values as highly reusable code-lists and taxonomy.

Management service of the portfolio of services to align the provision of digital services with business objectives of the organization. It introduces a gender perspective in the service organizations. The management of the portfolio of services involves a combination of activities that include the documentation of service, government of the service and support to the computer. Instead of creating a flat list of services to a portfolio of services "" captures relations, information flows and units that constitute a complex ecosystem of business services. The principles and practices of the portfolio of services can help the public authorities for the efficient and effective management of public services and better understand the underlying information flows.

Experts from the private sector and the public sector will share experiences, tools and best practices in the agenda items previously submitted.

Registration until 17 april 2015

More information about the event https :// (Opens in new window)

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