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International Ámbito

Gráfico que refleja los principales agentes y programas que determinan la organización en el ámbito internacional.

In general are carried out activities such as:

  • Enter the spanish objectives in various documents and high-level statements.
  • To contribute with pertinent information concerning developments in Spain for various studies, analysis and measures.
  • To facilitate the alignment of our country with a number of initiatives, particularly in the european Union.
  • Provide the vision and spanish position in the various fora, committees and working groups.
  • Collaborate in joint work in advancing the various fora, committees and working groups.
  • Support the integration of Spain in the european services.
  • Channel policies and guidelines for the development of electronic administration at european level, or other such as the OECD or the standardization, with the Administration.
  • Tap into a variety of products, particularly of the ISA.
  • Participar activamente en proyectos conjuntos, particularmente en el caso de la Unión Europea.
  • Coordinate and support to actors in the administration in relation to access to cross-border services in the eu; to provide support even operating services technological infrastructure.
  • Cooperate in training activities, information, presentation and dissemination.
  • Exchange experiences in relation to the development of electronic administration.
  • Informing and disseminating information on above; as well as the projects and activities of the directorate-General.

Las actuaciones anteriores quedan registradas en los correspondientes informes de actividad internacional que se elaboran a resultas de las reuniones correspondientes.

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