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What is QUEEN?

The information system REINA it is an application that allows the collection, validation and exploitation of information on technological resources, human, economic and ICT in the field, as well as other aspects of electronic administration of state administration.


The creation of the system goes back to the still in force Order of the ministry of public administrations of 9 june 1988 (Opens in new window) approves the realization of an information system of information resources of state administration and the collection of initial information.

Currently, the Higher Council of E-government, in accordance with Royal Decree 589/2005, has among its functions as “ act of the Observatory E-government ”. To that end, the standing committee of the Council is making the collection of information that feeds the information system REINA with the collaboration of the ministerial Committees E-government.

What targets persecuted?

The information system REINA among its objectives:

  • Posibilitar la cuantificación del sector TIC administrativo y servir como instrumento fundamental de difusión del mismo
  • An analysis of its figures and most significant indicators
  • The evolution of the main aggregates of the sector
  • Proporcionar a los gestores cifras que posibiliten futuras decisiones de planificación en el ámbito TIC administrativo
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